How can I get free shipping?

For our valued customers in Australia, we offer free shipping policy when your purchase reached AU $300 amount. 

What happens if the shipping carrier loses my package?

First thing’s first, call your representative! We will work with you to locate your order in ways we can. However, please keep in mind that for some carriers, it is easier to track lost packages through the receiver rather than the sender.

My tracking number shows “delivered”, but I don’t get the package. What can be done?

In the instance, please contact the shipping carrier to file a lost package claim. As the sender of the package, there is nothing we can do when the tracking shows “delivered”.

If I don’t receive my shipment on time, who is responsible?

This depends on the carrier, shipping methods, and reasons for the delay. Most carriers will not reimburse shipping costs when there is a delay due to weather. Give your representative a call to determine a solution for your specific situation.

If I am within driving distance of one of your locations, am I able to pick up my order at Fixabout in Melbourne?

Absolutely! Please leave at least a 2-hour processing time to us for placing your order, and we would love to meet you!